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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Malta Company Registration

Malta Company RegistrationThe economic structure of Malta has brought various opportunities to the fields of trade, manufacturing, IT and finance. Investors have many choices of sectors to dwell on, and this ‘choice’ also applies during Malta company registration. Anyone willing to open a business in Malta has two options. One is to incorporate a company, and another to buy a shelf company, which means buying a company which already has been registered.

Here are some of the legal entities in Malta. For foreigners looking to start a business in Malta, the most preferred company is the limited liability company.


Limited Liability Company in Malta

There are two types of limited liability companies in Malta. They are the Private Limited Liability Company And Public Limited Liability Company

Private Limited Liability Company

To open a private limited liability company in Malta, you should have at least one shareholder (maximum 50) and minimum share capital of EUR 1,200. Also, you will need at least one director who can be a person or a corporate. There are no rules for the director being a Maltese. Also, you will need at least one company secretary who needs to be a person and similar to the director, can come from any country.

Public Limited Company

The public limited company is similar to the private limited company, only that it is a bigger firm that the latter. The authorized share capital is EUR 46,600 and there can be an unlimited number of shareholders. One that you do need to note is that the shares for this legal entity is open to the public and thus, you can list your company in the stock market.



Foreigners can also open a partnership in Malta. In a partnership, two or more individuals invest in the company as partners, and the company doesn’t stand as a separate legal entity. Also, there are two types of partnerships:

General Partnership: All the partners make equal investments, and thus have equal rights to the profit and making business decisions.

Limited Partnership: Some partners are ‘limited.’ i.e. They make smaller contributions than general partners and thus, they have lesser rights to the profit and business decisions.


Branch Office

A branch office represents another company. It is a subsidiary and thus doesn’t need a separate director. The corporate stands as the same legal entity as its parent company. Thus, the parent company realizes and endures the branch office’s profits and losses.


Malta Company Registration


Is Malta Company Registration an Easy Process?

Well, Malta company registration is an easy task, and won’t be a lot of hassle as long as you work with 3E Accounting. Don’t try to undergo the incorporation process yourself as a foreigner, and we tell you it is going to be a lot of work. Thus, just contact us and tell your requirement, we will register your Malta business in little to no time.