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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Mali Company Registration

Mali Company RegistrationMali, officially the Republic of Mali, is a landlocked, low-income country in West Africa. Sectors that have major business potential are:

  • chemical/pharmaceutical products
  • construction materials
  • mineral exploitation
  • water resource development
  • Livestock
  • food and beverage processing
  • new and used clothing imports


Mali Company Registration Procedures

Mali company registration involves five main procedures which take around eleven days to complete.

The five main procedures are as follows:

Deposit the initial capital with a bank or a notary

Applicant companies will need to deposit an initial capital either with a bank directly or through a public notary. Once this is complete, they will issue certification which is required to continue with the Mali company registration process.

Visit notary’s office to notarize by-laws, sign affidavit, and pay the registration fee

Applicant companies are required by law to obtain the services of a public notary
The notary fee is fixed at XOF 250,000 and includes the drafting of statutes, registration, stamps, Mali company registration, publishing on a legal journal, and administrative fees.

Applicants must also sign an affidavit to certify that they have no criminal records and attach a photocopy of each shareholder’s identity card.

Purchase legal stamps from the one-stop-shop

The one-stop-shop is also known as the Agence de Promotion de l’Investissement. Legal stamps are required to commence operations and apply for taxes, the commerce tribunal, and the statistical office. The legal stamps cost approximately XOF 9,750.

Submit registration documents at the One-Stop-Shop

The applicant must then submit all company documents and forms obtained from previous steps at the one-stop-shop in order to complete company registration in Mali. This will take up to 5 days on average and Mali company registration costs are included in the notary fees.

Publication of the notice of incorporation in a journal

The notice of incorporation will be published in a local press journal and also on the one-stop shop’s online website. The online procedure will usually take less than one day. The publication fee is also included in the notary fees.

Mali Company Registration


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