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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Malaysia Company Registration

Malaysia Company RegistrationThere are many reasons for a Malaysia company registration. Malaysia is located in Asia and is ranked as 6th by the World Bank as the easiest and friendly country to start a new business. The strategic location of Malaysia leads to high consumer demands from neighbouring countries. This country has many opportunities to offer as it has an abundance of natural resources, skilled labour, attractive government incentives, affordable living standard.

Malaysia has a growing economy, and the government is genuinely interested in improving the infrastructure, tourism, service sector of this country. Those who cannot invest in Singapore, then it is an excellent choice to set up a business here.


Why Should You Invest in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a favoured destination for investors today. There are many reasons to invest in Malaysia such as:

  1. Malaysia receives high consumer demand from its neighbouring countries like India, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore.
  2. It is an excellent alternative to Singapore to start a business. As the office rental is low, the living is affordable, and there are low start-up costs
  3. No tax on dividends
  4. Skilful youth and low cost
  5. Free trade agreements between Malaysia and 6 ASEAN countries
  6. Attractive government policies
  7. The easiest place to do business in the world
  8. English is a common language in Malaysia; thus, there won’t be any communication issue here with the local population. All the legal documents can be in English thus saving your time and cost of translation.

The tourism sector of Malaysia is growing at a fast rate. Further, Malaysia is an excellent alternative to Singapore and is closely competing with Singapore in the service sectors. Thus, setting up headquarters in Malaysia can be a good option for you. Our team at 3E accounting will support you in all your endeavours for Malaysia Company Registration as they are aware of the Malaysian legal policies and laws, thus making it easier for you to start the business quickly.


Malaysia Company Registration


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