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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Macedonia Company Registration

Macedonia Company RegistrationMacedonia is known for having a rich culture, stable economy, strategic location, and a dependable EU and NATO member. It is an attractive destination that draws in investors and they have an extremely competitive market because there is an excellent business climate. The business environment depends on a tax regime and a wide range of incentives given by the government. Investments that come from local and foreign entrepreneurs do not have a hard time setting up limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, or limited or general partnerships. Macedonia company registration procedure requires undivided attention, especially for foreigners.


Macedonia Company Registration is Easy

The company incorporation process is one of the easiest in Europe, which takes only 2 days and involves only two procedures: company foundation acts notarization and other necessary documents needed for registration while depositing the ones at the Central Registry and getting a company seal.


Company Formation Steps in Macedonia

  • Appoint a company representative who is a resident of Macedonia
  • Prepare Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association together with complete details regarding the owners, company activities, business address, etc.
  • Completely fill out forms that are imposed by the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia
  • There should be a bank account where the money for the minimum share capital can be deposited and for the future of their financial operations
  • Apply for any licenses and permits so the operations in Macedonia can be started
  • Register for the purpose of tax and apply for a company seal once you have obtained the Certificate of Incorporation


Points of Interest for Setting Up a Business in Macedonia

Macedonia attracts foreign investments because it started to have various incentives so that foreign investors will be attracted to it. The telecommunications system in Macedonia is very liberalized in the region which supports high access to information.

The modern infrastructure sustains the trade, which is 13,278 km of roads, two international airports located in Ohri and Skopje, and a modern railroad network.

The government of Macedonia supports foreign investments, and the most convincing facts are establishing Technological Industrial Development Zones. They provide favourable conditions to financial and physical factories that have complete infrastructures.

There are advantageous conditions in a couple of international companies that began their operations in Macedonia.

More Reasons to Open a Business in Macedonia

The flat corporate and personal income tax rates are 10%; 0% tax applied to retained earnings and there is free access to a market of more than 650 million people. That is possible through three multilateral (SAA, EFTA, CEFTA) and two bilateral (Turkey and Ukraine) Free Trade Agreements.

There is excellent infrastructure with a wireless national backbone, extensive highway network, digital telecommunications system, and connections to the main transport centres of Europe.


Macedonia Company Registration

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