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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Luxembourg Company Registration

Luxembourg Company RegistrationLuxembourg is a small country in Europe that has important opportunities for business that can compensate for the size. It is located at Central Europe and offers central opportunities for business that compensates for the size it has. Luxembourg is only a couple of hours away from the significant capitals in Europe and business centres such as Paris, Brussels, and Frankfurt. The economic stability of Luxembourg and openness it has for foreign direct investments are some of the reasons why investors choose to set up Luxembourg company registration here.

The Luxembourg company formation is direct for national and foreign investors. There is a simple and fast procedure once they complete all of the required documents.



The new company should be registered using Trade and Companies Register after they submit the Articles of Association. Subsequent amendments or any changes made during the Articles of Association should be submitted.

Those founders without the help of a public notary are allowed to register their company deeds, but they should be deposited for publication registration within a month from the signature date. In case the company has become incorporated while helping the public notary, then the deeds will be submitted to the register.


Kinds of Companies in Luxembourg

  • The simplest business form is the sole proprietorship
  • The limited liability company that needs 12,000 euros of share capital
  • The joint-stock or public company that requires 30,000 euros of share capital
  • The partnership limited shares that need a share capital of 30,000 euros
  • The company in Europe that has a share capital of at least 12,000 euros

Subsidiaries of foreign companies can register in Luxembourg that complies with the Commercial Code and Company Law. It will run under the limited liability company rules, but it is also incorporated as a joint-stock company for at least 31,000 euros worth of share capital.


Luxembourg Holding Companies

The holding companies in this country are special corporations that have at least one shareholder, appointed agent, local office registration, and local and foreign company participation. This kind of company performs all operations such as royalty income collection, lending and borrowing money, or different commercial activities.


Luxembourg has an Attractive Business Environment

The economic policies in Luxembourg encourage investments as well as a private initiative. The government of Luxembourg empowers investments and innovation in particular business fields through incentive activities like media, logistics, automotive components, and health and environmental technologies.

The financial support that Luxembourg has, are granted for special projects and companies that are small to medium-scale. The government of Luxembourg is also offering capital gains and long-term loans that are available here.

The Luxembourg workforce is skilful with high education and even multilingual. The highest productivity of the country is large because of the people. The EFA and EU countries, that includes Switzerland, get free labour market access.


Luxembourg Company Registration

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