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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Laos Company Registration

Laos Company RegistrationLaos is at the heart of Southeast Asia. The nation has a steady economy with low labour costs and many tax benefits which attracts foreign investors. These two reasons contribute to the growth of the economy of Laos. The Laos Company registration process is quite a time consuming due to many requirements from the government. Hence, we offer excellent services to investors who are willing to invest in Laos.

We have a team of experts who can handle the complete business registration process from scratch – i.e. document preparation, accountancy, taxation, opening a bank account and choosing the right business structure. The entire team of 3E Accounting has the experience, expertise, and dedication to meet your needs. Hence, they can help you in quickly setting up the company in Laos.


Business Entities of Laos

There are several types of business entities which are available in Laos, and the most common type is the limited liability corporation.

  • Limited liability company: The minimum capital investment required to set up a limited liability company is USD 1. You need a board of directors who will take all the significant decisions of the company.
  • Public limited company: The minimum capital investment required to set up a PLC is USD 125,000. You need to have at least seven shareholders, three company directors, and one legal representative to set up a public limited company.
  • Wholly owned foreign company: This type of business entity gives 100% ownership to the foreigner. Many businesses which usually export the goods from Laos set up this kind of business entity.
  • Branch Office: Many companies which belong to the banking sector, financial services, insurance, airlines usually set up a branch office. Further, the parent company decides the activities of the branch office.
  • Representative Office: This is an excellent way to understand the market of Laos, establish contacts with suppliers and vendors, carry out research studies. However, one cannot perform any commercial activities by setting up a representative office.

These are some of the different types of business entities in Laos. Our professionals will help you in selecting the right kind of business entity depending on your business objectives, business plan, requirements and capital investment.

Their valuable advice can save you from incurring losses by selecting the wrong business entity. 3E Accounting has experience of many years which helps them in the easy process of Laos company registration.


Laos Company Registration


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