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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Labuan Company Registration

Labuan Company RegistrationLabuan is a part of Malaysia which is located off the coast of the Sabah state. This tiny island has many exciting things to offer as it enjoys Malaysian sovereignty which attracts investors to set up a business here. 3E Accounting has many years of experience in Labuan Company Registration which can be fruitful if you are new to Labuan.

There are many benefits of setting up a company such as low corporate tax rates, securing Malaysian visa for the employees, a good start to enter into the Malaysian market. Set up an offshore company with the 3E Accounting team and boom your business.


How to Start a Business in Labuan

Our team will, first of all, help you with the preparation of documents such as MoM & AoA. Then, they submit the application form for Labuan company registration. Our team will then register your company with the Inland Revenue Board for obtaining a tax certificate. We help you in selecting the right bank account so that you can deposit your capital investment amount there.

The entire process of Labuan Company Registration is quite simple, yet it might be confusing to you as you are new to Labuan. Our team will help you with the entire registration process in Labuan. The business registration certificate can be quickly obtained within eight working days through the guidance of our team.


Benefits of Labuan Company Registration

Some of the benefits which Labuan has to offer to its investors are:

  1.    Companies can be wholly foreign-owned by foreigners
  2.     Corporate taxes are as low as 3%
  3.    You need to appoint one director and one shareholder to start a business here.
  4.    Non-taxable dividends
  5.    No need for obtaining any trade license
  6.    The legal laws are very stable here
  7.    No audits required for an investment company

Labuan company registration is an excellent way to start a business in Malaysia.


Labuan Company Registration


How Can 3E Accounting Help the Clients?

3E Accounting offers the best consultancy services to those who are looking to set up a new company in a new country. We provide a one-point solution to all problems faced while setting up a new company such as taxation, accounting, marketing. With us, you need not worry about any step involved in Labuan Company Registration – be it obtaining a business license or choosing a unique company name.

Our team is expert in handling all the procedural steps during your Labuan Company Registration. They are well versed with the legal laws of Labuan thus it becomes easy for you to start a business here. Don’t jump into the market without any professional help. There are many critical points which must be considered before starting a new business, and our experts will help you in recognizing them.

Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.