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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Kazakhstan Company Registration

Kazakhstan Company RegistrationEvery time you have plans of legitimizing a business you may decide to seek for business advisors. Kazakhstan company registration is no exception as 3E Accounting is one such service provider that can take you through the process. Having been in the market for several years, 3E Accounting is a business solution consultant company that will offer the following services:

  • Business setup
  • Accounting and auditing services
  • Legal and taxation services
  • Incorporation services
  • Business license renewal name

Now, if you’re a local or foreigner investor and planning to do business in Kazakhstan, get your proposed company name verified with the Public Registration Centre. For you who have a foreign business name, you can use the name provided it’s translatable into the national or Russian language.

Should you decide to legitimize your business, ensure that you notarize all your legal documents before presenting them to the Public Registration Centre. Kazakhstan company registration which is under the Company’s Act requires you to open a corporate bank account, and you’ll be required to submit the following documents:

      • Identification documents alongside sample signatures of the directors and shareholders listed on the signature card
      • The bank application form
      • A copy of the government registration certificate
      • Imprinting of the company seal


Registration Process

The Public Registration Centre then goes ahead and enters your proposed company name into the National Register of Business Identification numbers. Certain names may not be permissible when formulating a company name. Still, you can use the term “Kazakhstan” or “Republic of Kazakhstan” at some nominal fee.

Kazakhstan company registration requires you to possess some legal documents before registration that include the following:

      • The Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
      • The company seal
      • The Power of Attorney
      • Identification documents of both the directors and the shareholders

If you have foreign directors, then they must ensure that they have a work permit. Otherwise, they can simply apply for one. Currently, the most common legal entity preferred by investors is the Limited Liability Company. Here you’ll be required to have a minimum of one director and one shareholder from any nationality. Foreigners that may opt for a Joint Stock Company must present audited financial reports annually. Further, the minimum paid-up capital stands at US$483,000. 3E Accounting will assist you in the documentation of the requirements hassle free.


Other Details You Must Know

Now, once you’re complete with that, you can go ahead and register as a taxpayer. The moment you have your documents ready you can visit the Public Registration Center to register for VAT based on the Tax Code of the country. But in case you’re not conversant with Kazakhstan tax laws you can consult the services of 3E Accounting and get assistance.

The moment you’re tax compliant, you can register your employees for insurance and Social Security. However, note that the rate of premium payable is dependable on your employee’s salary and the risk involved.


Kazakhstan Company Registration

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