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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Japan Company Registration

Japan Company RegistrationAre you a foreigner with an ambition to succeed in any business? You can do so through Japan company registration and enjoy a blissful entrepreneurial journey. Now, to set up a company in Japan, it’s important to follow a few necessary steps. But in the event you feel that you cannot go through the process through one reason or another, you can seek the services of 3E Accounting.

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With that in mind, Japan company registration requires that you first find an office address.  Afterwards, you must prepare some of the basic elements which include:

  • Seal certificate for each of the directors and investors. You can obtain the seal certificate at the local city hall in case you’ve registered as a resident in Japan. Remember you can swap a seal certificate with a signature attestation accredited by Consulate in your own country or Japan.
  • The Articles of Incorporation and other valid documents should have the signatures of each director and investors.
  • A personal bank account of one of the investors.

These requirements relate to a foreigner with interests to register a company in Japan.


Incorporation Steps to Follow

The next steps require you to prepare the Articles of Incorporation (teikan) explaining the management of the company, the relationship between the shareholders/investors and the directors. It’s important to ensure that the Articles of Incorporation at the Notary Office (Koshonin yakuba). Further, you’ll be required to pay a notarization fee of 50,000 Yen revenue stamps.

Japan company registration only allows you to open a bank account once you’re complete with the registration. But you can use one of the investor’s personal accounts to deposit the initial capital. The Company’s Act requires that you present a copy of your bank passbook pages showing the company’s initial capital. Again, you’ll show the page showing the bank seal as part of the evidence. In the event, it’s a foreign Subsidiary company; the Representative Director’s personal bank account may serve it right.


Other Things to Consider

Now, besides the application form, you must prepare a letter of agreement from the directors. For a foreigner intending to form a business, you must register with the Legal Affairs Bureau. The moment the company is registered, you, therefore, get a registry certificate and company’s seal certificate which may be helpful when signing a business contract.

According to the Company Act, tax compliance is an important requirement. The District Tax Office assists in the acquisition of a tax identification number in Japan. In case you’re not familiar with the tax laws, 3E Accounting service will assist you through the process.

When it comes to Japan company registration, the procedure takes like a month once every document are in order.

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