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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Italy Company Registration

Italy Company RegistrationItaly is a beautiful place to live, of course, and also a great place to start a new business. The sophisticated market in Italy will give a good kick start to your business. Italy is rich in resources such as coal, zinc, crude oil. Although there are challenges such as finding the right employees and opening a local bank account, 3E Accounting helps you entirely with Italy Company Registration.

3E Accounting has many years of experience in Italy Company registration. Thus, we can help you with all the possible ways to start your dream company in Italy quickly. We have a complete team who can handle all the procedural steps involved in Italy Company registration. Our team will help you with document preparation, Italy company registration procedures, local bank account opening, and tax identification number application. We have experts who can help you with marketing, accountancy, and taxation. Our services provide a one-stop solution to all the processes involved in setting up a company. Avail our services, and our team will help you with Italy Company registration without making you travel to Italy much.


Why Should You Set Up a Company in Italy?

There are many aesthetic reasons which will make you invest in this beautiful Italy city instantly. The reasons are:

  1. Italy Company Registration is an easy task. It takes around a week to set up an LLC. You need to appoint a shareholder and one company director to begin the company’s operation. The minimum capital investment required to start an LLC is around 1 Euro.
  2. Many attractive incentives for Italian registered companies such as dividends are tax exempted, companies having less than 7.3 million Euros needn’t conduct complex auditing for their companies.
  3. The Italian government has many incentives for companies such as reduced corporate taxes, flexible hiring of employees, companies can carry forward their losses, tax credit for R&D companies.
  4. Lastly, the geographical location of Italy allows many industries to set up in Italy. Italy is rich in sources such as crude oil, coal, zinc, natural gas, marble, mercury. Hence, many manufacturing companies are opting to venture with Italy Company Registration.
  5. Italian companies receive a tax credit of 650 Euros if they hire an employee who is less than 29 years old without any high school qualification and is unemployed for more than a year. 3E Accounting can help you in finding such candidates so that you can receive the tax credit from the Italian government.
  6. R&D companies are setting up in Italy as the government promises a tax credit of 1.8million Euros if they continue to carry out their research activity in Italy for more than two years. Hence, many R&D companies are setting up their representative office in Italy.
  7. The electricity cost of Italy is reduced recently to 10% which thereby reduces the overall expense of the company.

Italy Company Registration


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