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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Israel Company Registration

Israel Company RegistrationIsrael’s economy is powerful which is one of the biggest reasons why multinationals are interested in Israel Company Registration. All the multinationals such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson have set up their offices in Israel. No investor would want to miss a chance to invest in a powerful country.

Starting a new business in a new place brings many challenges and hurdles. To combat all these, we offer professional consultancy services so that we can assist you in Israel Company Registration. We have a complete team of experts who can handle the different steps involved in setting up a company in Israel.


Benefits of Israel Company Registration

Setting up a company in Israel will provide you with multiple benefits such as:

  1. Renowned infrastructure
  2. Government give protection to the shareholders and the company’s director
  3. Little paperwork during the registration process
  4. Talented workforce
  5. The minimum requirement for capital shares
  6. No particular requirement for the capital amount
  7. Tax breaks for offshore companies


How to Set Up a Company in Israel

The best way to Israel Company Registration is by hiring a professional consultant who knows all the applicable laws and procedural steps of registration. These agents or consultants will help you in selecting the right business entity. We can be your best agency partner, providing complete guidance and support throughout the Israel Company Registration process. We also prepare Memorandum of Association and Article of Association in English according to the norms of Israel Registry. For offshore companies, we help you in completing your KYC.

Following are procedural steps for Israel Company Registration:

  1. Choose a unique company name: We can help in selecting unique names for your company in Israel.
  2. Office Address: We assist you in setting up an office in Israel and registration of the same. An office is mandatory for receiving official notices.
  3. Appointing shareholders: To set up a company, it is essential to have shareholders in the company who can be local or foreigner. The shareholder can also be the director of the company. It is mandatory to have at least one shareholder and maximum up to 50.
  4. Appointing Director: Appoint one company director who will take all the significant decisions of the company.
  5. Obtaining tax number: Every company established in Israel must have a tax number, while the corporations need to pay a tax of 25% on their earnings.

All the companies in Israel must maintain accounts. Further, these accountancy records must be submitted to Israel Company Registrar and Israeli Tax authority. The company must also have an auditor who is responsible for auditing and approving the financial documents of the company


Israel Company Registration


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