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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Greece Company Registration

Greece Company RegistrationThe general process of Greece company registration starts with deciding the name of the company. Now, when formulating your company’s name, you must draw it from the main business objective of the company or the names of shareholders. The process of verification of the proposed name is under the Athens Bar Association after filing your documents.

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Requirements for Registration

The laws governing the incorporation of a company in Greece stipulated that the notary deed that constitutes the Articles of Association should be signed in front of the Registrar by all the shareholders. The Articles of Association should constitute the following information:

  • Identification documents of the founder(s) and shareholder(s), professions, residence and nationalities.
  • The name of the company indicating the type of business.
  • Registered office and address.
  • The objectives of the business.
  • The total capital paid up Euro 4, 500 and at least 50 percent paid in cash.

After the process, the Registry will then register the company in the Companies Registry of the resident First Instance Court. Again, when it comes to Greece company registration, an announcement must be made and published on the Government Gazette bulletin of Corporations under the guidance of the partners. The publication highlights some of the following information:

  • A summary of the incorporation deed.
  • The name of the company.
  • Registered office.
  • The objectives of the company and capital.

Note that your company is eligible to acquire legal personality only after completion of this process.


Greece Company Registration


Procedures of Incorporation

Now, to register a business, you must have at least one shareholder and one director who can either be a person or a legal entity. The minimum paid-up capital is EUR 4, 500.  For a Public Liability Company, you’ll require to have a minimum of one shareholder and three directors who can be of any nationality.

Application of a company seal forms one of the most important procedures in Greece company registration. Apart from the company seal assisting you in opening a bank account, it legalizes all your documents once you get in operation. With that in mind, you must also open a corporate bank account of your choice. Get your entire document ready and do some analysis on the banking institution that will suit your needs.

Besides opening a bank account, it is a mandatory requirement by the law to be tax compliant. You can file your application with the Tax office and issued with a Taxation Identification number (TIN). If you’re not conversant with the tax laws, then you can contact us and get the process done hassle-free.

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