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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your France Company Registration

France Company RegistrationFrance is one of the most powerful countries in the world with the 2nd largest economy in the world. The purchasing power of the market here is very high as they have 65 million consumers. It has become the number one country in the world for investing and starting a new business. We have a team who can help you with the France Company Registration.

There are many reasons why France is an ideal location to establish a business. These include:

  1. Large Market: The market in France is very big as it has 65 million consumers. It has access to the Europe Union market which has more than 500 million consumers.
  2. Well developed transport infrastructure: France has the largest road network in Europe. It has a well developed busiest airport. Because of its well-developed transport network, there is a lot of scope in foreign investment in logistics.
  3. Low set-up cost of the company: Individuals can set up their companies for an inexpensive cost. The set-up process cost is so low that many start-ups are coming up in France.
  4. Business-friendly environment: The business environment is favourable for starting a business here. Moreover, the research tax credit is important in terms of setting up a company.
  5. Talented and qualified workforce: France is the 3rd popular destination for education. Thus, the workforce is qualified and talented.

France is a popular destination for education, conferences, and tourists. The best innovations in the businesses come from France as there is huge support from French Tech Ticket.


Different Business Entities of France

Choosing the right business entity depends on business requirements, business objectives, capital investment. The business entities which are operational in France are:

  1. The French Limited Liability Corporation: Small and medium-sized enterprises usually set up this kind of LLC. You must appoint one company’s director and one shareholder who can belong to any nationality.
  2. Simplified Joint stock company: The minimum capital investment is around EUR 1. There must be at least one company director and one shareholder to start this entity.
  3. The French Publicly Limited Company: The minimum capital requirement of this PLC is around Euro 37,000. Further, the entity needs to appoint 7 shareholders and 3 company directors.
  4. Branch Office: A branch office is wholly owned by the foreigner. All the operational activities are defined by the parent company although they have their own employees.
  5. Representative Office: A representative office is 100% owned by a foreigner. Further, it is a unique way to study the market of France and develop contacts. However, this kind of entity cannot conduct any kind of commercial activities.


France Company Registration


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