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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Finland Company Registration

Finland Company RegistrationThe multinationals are taking much interest in expanding their business wings to Finland. The competitive economy of Finland is attracting many investors. You know it more than us as you are also considering to set up a company in Finland. Finland is a country with good healthcare, primary education, and good financial markets. Finland Company Registration is relatively an easier process, and by hiring our professional services, you needn’t travel to Finland for setting up a company here.

Our team will assist you with Finland Company Registration, visa strategies, hiring employees, opening bank account, taxation. You don’t need substantial capital for Finland Company Registration. You can start your business with 2,500 Euros.


Business Entities in Finland

There are different business entities in Finland, and our team will help you in selecting the appropriate business entity. The most common business entity in Finland is a Limited liability corporation.

  1. The Finnish Limited Liability Corporation: You need to appoint at least one shareholder and two company directors. One of the company’s director must be a local person. The minimum capital investment required for LLC Finland Company Registration is 2,500 Euros.
  2. The Finnish Public Limited Company: You need to appoint at least three company’s directors and one shareholder to start this type of business entity. You can list your company on the stock exchange and the minimum share capital required to set up a PLC is 80,000 Euros.
  3. The Finnish Branch Office: You can set up a branch office in Finland, and the parent company is wholly liable for all the activities of the branch office. Moreover, the branch office is 100% owned by the foreigner.
  4. The Finnish Representative Office: A representative office in Finland is a great way to study the market of Finland, conduct R&D activities and develop supplier’s contact. You cannot produce any goods or do any commercial or sale activities. A representative office requires a legal representative who must belong to Finland.

These are the different types of business entities in Finland. Further, you can discuss your business goals, business plan, business requirements and capital investment with our 3E Accounting Team. Our team will review all these details and explain further to select the right kind of business entity in Finland. Always remember that choosing the wrong business entity will lead to huge losses. Therefore, you must hire our professional services so that you can select the right business entity for your business.


Finland Company Registration


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