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Egypt Company Registration is No Longer Stressful if You Work in the Right Way

Egypt Company RegistrationOpening a company in Cairo, or any other parts of Egypt have numerous advantages. The main one being efficient budget management, for Egypt is an expensive place to live in and run a business. You will get an inexpensive workforce, cheapest energy cost including electricity and one of the lowest corporate tax rates. Also, Egypt is a strategic location and has trade agreements with countries around the world. Well, being interested in an Egypt company registration, you most probably know all about it, and you already have realized how difficult and confusing it can be for foreigners to open a company in Egypt.

To help you get through the immense amount of paperwork and give you more time to focus on formulating your business idea, 3E Accounting has been helping investors with Egypt company registration.

Well, working with 3E Accounting, all you need to do is know the type of business you want in Egypt. Then, you can contact us and we will undergo the entire process of your Egypt company registration for you. For this cause, we have partnered with some of the best accountants, business experts, and law personnel in Egypt to make your company registration a breeze.


Types of Companies in Egypt

All you need to do is finalize on the type of company you want to open in Egypt and contact us. 3E Accounting will take things from there.

Sole Proprietorship (One Man Company)

A one-man company in Egypt is similar to that in any other countries. The business has a single owner, and every loss or debt is higher responsibility. On the other hand, the owner also has the rights to the entire profit.


Partnership companies in Egypt are somehow similar to a sole proprietorship, just that it has partners. Moreover, they could make equal contributions (general partnership) or there might be a difference in the investment amount (limited partnership). The rights to decision depend on the amount of contribution each partner makes.

Egyptian Limited Liability Company

The most popular choice for foreigners, well, of course, is the Egyptian limited liability company. 100% foreign ownership is valid as long as at least one of the general managers is from Egypt. There can be no more than 50 shareholders and the minimum share amount is LE 50,000.

Joint Stock Company

Most people opt for a joint stock company after limited liability is a success. It needs at least three shareholders, and the minimum capital is LE 250,000. The major difference between a joint stock company and the Egyptian Limited liability company is that, in this case, the shares are made available to the public. In fact, at least 49% of the shares should be owned by the public.


Egypt Company Registration


We Can Help You

Company registration in Egypt will put you in one of the best places to do business in Africa. However, you must enlist incorporation services to start the company. Contact us for that; we will make your Egypt company registration hassle free and do it in no time.