A Beginner’s Guide to Croatia Company Registration

Croatia Company RegistrationIf you’re looking for a country strategically located between both the Western and Eastern European markets, then Croatia company registration is what you need.

As a member of the European Union (EU), Croatia offers the advantage of doing business with other EU markets. Since it is a member of the EU, Croatia can access grants and funding programs provided by the EU. If your business needs funding in terms of research, innovation, or development, you could qualify. Our 3E Accounting experts can help you find out more.

Croatia does offer some incentives to attract foreign investment into the country. These incentives are available in certain sectors like technology, tourism, and manufacturing, among others. Examples of these incentives include tax incentives (reduced corporate income tax rates), subsidies and cash grants for industries that qualify, custom and import duty exemptions, to name just a few.


How to Begin Your Croatia Company Registration

With our 3E Accounting experts guiding you, your business in Croatia will be registered in no time. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get started:

Choose Your Business Structure

Do you want to set up a sole proprietorship? Limited liability company? Or a joint-stock company? These are some of the common business structures available in Croatia. Each structure has different operational, legal, and financial obligations that need to be met. If you’re not sure which structure to choose, our 3E Accounting specialists can help.

Gather Your Documents

To prepare for the incorporation process, you need to gather the relevant documents. This includes your Articles of Association along with the relevant business application forms. If your documents need to be notarised (depending on your business structure), 3E Accounting can help you get it sorted. When you’re ready, register your business with the Commercial Court.

Register for Taxes

Your business must register for a Tax Identification Number and VAT (where applicable) with the Tax Administration. If your business is eligible for VAT remittance on eligible transactions, you’ll be able to collect it.

Acquiring Business Licenses

Depending on the nature of your business activities, you may need to get a business license.

In Croatia, once your business is ready for operations, it must be registered with the Croatian Bureau of Statistics. This ensures you are fulfilling your statistical reporting obligations.


Tax Breaks and Incentives

To attract more foreign direct investment into the country, Croatia has several tax breaks and incentives investors can leverage on. One example is how Croatia has reduced the corporate income rate depending on the region and type of investment. Corporate tax rates are generally 18%, but this could be lower by as much as 10% for small businesses that earn a revenue of less than EUR 1 million.

Some regions in Croatia offer special incentives for investors willing to set up a business here to help develop those regions. These incentives are aimed at helping the less developed areas of Croatia develop. Ask our experts for more information.


Launch Your Croatian Business On the Right Foot

Croatia company registration is the next best step in your business. Are you ready to take it to the next level? Visit our website or contact us today and ask about our range of company incorporation services.

Croatia Company Registration