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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Brazil Company Registration

Brazil Company RegistrationBrazil is the largest country in South America and the eighth largest economy in the world. Brazil Company Registration is gaining popularity among foreign investors steadily because of its strategic position and a good and stable economy. But there are deterrents like a divided political rule and a long process of getting your business registered with the authorities. You have to face a lot of red tapes before you accomplish your work.

But let this not be an obstacle in your dream to register a company in Brazil. We are here to give you the full details, right from the basics, about Brazil Company Registration. You can go ahead with your registration without any hassles. We would always recommend you to appoint a good and reliable legal firm that will help you through the whole process.


Brazil Company Registration – Legal Entities

Before you go about registering your company in Brazil, you must decide which structure of the company you want to register. The two most popular structures for Brazil Company Registration are:

  • Sociedad Anonima or Corporation
  • Sociedad Des Limitada or Limited Liability Company

Of these two, the Limited Liability Company is more popular because of lower costs and lesser requirements for disclosure.

The Brazilian law has some prerequisites for a foreign investor to register a company. The law requires that a company must have at least two partners. Moreover, they can be of any nationality. The company must also have two legal personnel.

Foreign investors may face some challenges during the Brazil Company Registration. The law does not allow companies of certain types to be registered. Some investors also face difficulties if the location they have chosen for their company is in a sensitive area like national security centres.

The company’s capital is held by shareholders. They are responsible for the liability of only the amount of shares they hold.


Procedure of Registration

The steps for a Brazil Company Registration are as follows:

  • Provide all the details of the owner of the company including full name, nationality, marital status, profession and address of residence
  • If the owner is a company, you need to provide the company name, national affiliation, address of the company, purpose of the company and term of existence.
  • Provide details of the base capital in Reias, the currency of Brazil
  • State number of shares
  • Declare the share percentage of each partner and the means of payment of the shares


Documents Required For Brazil Company Registration

You will need to submit the following documents with the relevant authorities so that you can proceed with the process of Brazil Company Registration:

  • Identity documents of all the partners
  • If a corporation is a partner, you need to provide the legal identifying copies of that company
  • Identity and full details of the directors of the company
  • Taxpayer’s certificates of all the directors and partners
  • Legal address of the company and documents to prove that it is legal
  • Power of attorney by foreign partners to the directors of the company for any legal proceedings or dealings with the Ministry Of Revenue, the Central Bank of Brazil, the Ministry Of Labor or any other authorities

All documents must be notarized and translated into Portuguese. Further, it takes about one month to get your company registered in Brazil.

Brazil is a good choice for registering a business. But the process can be delayed unnecessarily if you do not have the guidance of a local law firm.


Brazil Company Registration

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