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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Belize Company Registration

Belize Company RegistrationBelize has always been a prime destination for investors interested in the benefits of a tax haven. If you are keen on Belize company registration, then we are delighted to let you know that you can count on us for fast, effective and affordable incorporation services. At 3E Accounting, we work with investors from far and wide to start various kinds of businesses in Belize. We have a competent team of business incorporation experts who will guide you on all the requirements to start a venture of your choice. They will also help you through the entire registration process so that you don’t miss any step or waste any time in the process. If you want to have this kind of reliability and versatility in your incorporation, then call us immediately.


Why Belize Company Registration?

The tax benefits are without a doubt the number one reason why most foreign investors prefer to start offshore companies in Belize. In addition to this, however, there are other real business benefits which make Belize attractive to most foreigners.

They include the following:

  • Only one director and one shareholder of any nationality and a minimum capital of $1 are necessary for starting a business in Belize.
  • No translation costs since all the documents needed for starting a business are all in English.
  • The government offers attractive incentives to investors. Some of the notable ones include the Fiscal Incentive Program that removes all customs duty for foreign investors. There are also no restrictions for foreigners owning real estate in the country.
  • Up to 20 years tax holiday under the Export Processing Zone program
  • Easy access to the United States
  • Good security and confidentiality of the operations of the business


Requirements for Company Formation in Belize

As noted earlier, Belize company registration will require just one shareholder and one director who doesn’t have to be nationals of Belize. Again, the minimum share capital requirement is just $1. In addition to these, the following will also be necessary to facilitate the registration process-:

  • A unique name for the company
  • Name and address of a registered agent, if any
  • Name and address of the shareholders and directors
  • The number, as well as classes of the company shares
  • Reasons for forming the company in Belize
  • The powers, privileges, and restrictions of the various classes of shares
  • The currency in which the share capital will be issued
  • The bylaws of the company


Why Use Our Incorporation Services

Working with professionals like 3E Accounting for Belize company registration will take away a lot of the guesswork among foreigners keen on starting ventures in Belize. With our help, you will get things right the first. We do this so that you have a business entity ready to transact as soon as possible. Additionally benefits you will get by working with us include-:

Competence and experience – we have a combined experience of over 80 years in business incorporation, and this implies we have every expert you will need at any stage of the incorporation.

Efficiency – we know how it can be frustrating for an investor to wait forever for the incorporation process. With us, however, we promise to help you get the certificate in just a matter of days — no more unnecessary waiting.

Reliability – we are experts in our respective fields, and this ensures that you get the best professional services from us. We have become one of the premier providers of business incorporation services. You can trust that you will get nothing but the very best services from us.

All services under one roof – our incorporation services are comprehensive, and at the same time, inclusive. Whether you need accountants, business incorporation experts, attorney or tax experts, you will find all of them under one roof at 3E Accounting.

Affordable Rates – with us, you don’t have to break the bank to access quality, Belize company registration services. Our services are available at competitive rates and you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to get them.

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