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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Azerbaijan Company Registration

Azerbaijan Company RegistrationThe laws governing Azerbaijan company registration are quite clear and easily understood. If you plan to do business in Azerbaijan, then you may consider starting a Limited Liability company because of its practicability. But in any case you find it time-restrictive, you may consult 3E Accounting for further assistance. Moreover, 3E Accounting with its presence in Europe will offer you services from:

  • Business permit renewal.
  • Incorporation services.
  • Accounting and taxation services.
  • Legal and human resource services.

Further, your efforts on reaching out for their services will fasten up your process of company registration.


Documentations to Prepare

Now, when it comes to Limited Liability Company, you’ll require to have the following documents ready:

  • Application Form: – granted by the Ministry of Taxes.
  • Registration documents: – ensure you have a charter of the company, a resolution by the Board of Directors and appointment of a legal representative.
  • Identification documents from the founder(s) and shareholder(s).
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • A notarized consent letter from the owner of the property to utilize the legal office or address.
  • Receipt of evidence indicating payment of the state registration fee (11 manats) and the share capital. The law requires that charter capital paid within 3 months of registration as long it’s indicated on the charter.

You must present the documents mentioned above to the Legal Entity Registration Department at the Ministry of Taxes.

Azerbaijan company registration requires that all the legal documents notarized at the Public Notary. The good news is that if you cannot visit their offices, you may definitely register your company online. For you to do so, you must apply for an electronic signature through the Ministry of Taxes Certificate Services and the Ministry of Information Technology.


Additional Requirements for Branch Office Establishment

Foreigners who may opt for a Representative Office or Branch should apply in writing with the Ministry of Justice. Moreover, should you decide to register a business as a foreigner the following documents should be available:

  • Certified or original copy of the Power of attorney provided by the representative (s), directors/shareholders and founders of the company.
  • Certified specimen signatures of the representative (s).
  • Endorsed or original copy of consent by the founder(s) to formulate a Representative or a Branch.
  • Articles of Association highlighting the rights and responsibilities and the names and addresses of the directors and shareholders.
  • Name of the business entity, registration number, and address.

Before you present the documents mentioned above, you must be notarized with the Public Notary or at the Embassy of Azerbaijan.

Besides those legal documents, you must ensure that you’re tax compliant. You can then apply for your company’s Tax Identification Number through the Ministry of Taxes. The process is available online but 3E Accounting is ready to help you on matters taxation. Through the appointed representative it becomes much easier.

According to the Employment Act, you must ensure that you register with the relevant Social Security State Authorities. As part of Azerbaijan company registration, you must also ensure that you open a corporate bank account and apply for a company seal before starting operations.

As always, contact us if you need more information. Start a smooth registration transition with us.

Azerbaijan Company Registration