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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Argentina Company Registration

Argentina Company RegistrationAt 3E Accounting, we specialize in offering all forms of Argentina company registration services for both local and foreign investors. We are knowledgeable of all the business incorporation laws in Argentina. Irrespective of the business entity you are interested in registering, you are assured of sound legal advice from us.


The Incorporation Process in Argentina

The process of registering a new company in Argentina is not detailed in any way. However, it may be intimidating if you are a foreigner and it is your first time interacting with the laws and the procedures. They can be summarized in the following:

Step One: Company Name Reservation

Before embarking on the actual company registration process, one must search for and reserve the company name with the Argentine Office of Corporations. During this process, they will also register the company with the Public Register of Commerce and get a tax identification number. In case the company has any foreign shareholders, such must also register with the Federal Tax Authorities.

Step Two: Drafting of Company Bylaws

Every company in Argentina must have its own set of bylaws that will govern its operations and conduct. They should also contain the liabilities and responsibilities of the directors and the shareholders. As such, it is imperative for the company to have a draft constitution which has be to be notarized during the Argentina company registration process. If you don’t have any constitution, we can help you come up with suitable and relevant company bylaws for the registration process.

Step Three: Payment of the Share Capital

Before any company begins operations in Argentina, they must open a corporate bank account and deposit the minimum share capital.  The bank will then issue a deposit certificate. The minimum share capital requirement will vary from one business to another. If you are not certain of how much you should pay, you will be able to advise you based on the nature of the business you want to start in Argentina.

Step Four: Publication in the Official Gazette

Following the receipt of the bank certificate of deposit, a prequalification report will be given by the Notary Public. This report will facilitate the submission of the incorporation documents to the RPC. The RPC will then review the submitted documents. After the review, it will publish a notice in the Official Gazette about the new company.

Step Five: Incorporation Approval

If, after two weeks following the publication, no objections arises from the public, the Argentina company registration process will be approved by RPC. A certificate of incorporation, as well as a stamped copy of the company’s constitution, will also be issued.


Documents for Company Registration in Argentina

The following documents will be necessary to facilitate the process of Argentina company registration process-:

  • Power of Attorney from all the foreign directors and shareholders if a representative is doing the registration process.
  • Lease agreements for the physical location of the business in Argentina
  • Certificate of share capital issued by the bank upon depositing the required minimum capital
  • Notarized due diligence documents of all the directors and shareholders

Additional documents may be necessary depending on the specific nature of the company, as well as the prevailing legislations regulating operations within that industry. We can help you determine the specific requirements and procedures once you share with us the nature of your intended business operations. Additionally, with the Power of Attorney, we can incorporate your business on your behalf so that you don’t have to travel to Argentina. We offer you the convenience to establish your company remotely and within just a few days. Contact us if you would like to use our Argentina company registration services.

Argentina Company Registration