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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Afghanistan Company Registration

Afghanistan Company RegistrationA country recovering from wars, of course, but Afghanistan has been doing it in the best way possible. There has been a series of rapid development in many sectors, we have to say, and it is the same for business. The Afghanistan government has been promoting trade in the country like never before, and it is very welcoming to foreign investment. And thus, to help you give your business idea wings, 3E Accounting has now made its company registration service available in Afghanistan. Which now means all you need to do is know your requirements and contact 3E Accounting, and we will do your Afghanistan company registration in the minimal time.


Types of Companies in Afghanistan

Among the various types of companies in Afghanistan, foreigners mostly opt for Limited liability company, corporation and a Branch Office.

Limited Liability Company

A Limited liability company in Afghanistan needs at least one director and two shareholders. They may or may not be local residents, it won’t matter. Anyway, you will need a local company agent and the members of the board of supervisors should also be living in Afghanistan. The limited liability company can be wholly foreign-owned in Afghanistan. There is no requirement for a minimum share capital to open an Afghanistan limited liability company.


A corporation is somehow similar to a limited liability company and shares the same requirements. Further, foreigners can get full ownership of this establishment. Basically, corporations only require one director and two shareholders. Similar to the previous company type, they need not be locals, but you will need a resident company agent and board of supervisors. The minimum paid-up capital is USD 1.

Branch Office

As a foreigner, you also have the choice of opening a branch office in Afghanistan. A branch office, of course, represents a parent company and is not considered a separate legal entity. Thus, you will not need to appoint directors or shareholders. However, you will need to appoint one local agent in your branch office in Afghanistan.


What is the Corporate Tax Rate In Afghanistan?

The corporate tax rate in Afghanistan is a flat 20%. This is the same for both, a foreign owned and a locally owned company.


How Much Time Does it Take To Register a Business in Afghanistan?

The business registration time in Afghanistan could take a lot of time given that you don’t know about the paper works. With 3E Accounting, we can ensure to complete your Afghanistan company registration in a few weeks.


Do I Need to Be Physically Present in Afghanistan to Register a Business?

Once again, 3E Accounting will help you here. We have partnered with business and accounting experts from Afghanistan, so they will register your business in the country without being physically present in Afghanistan.

Looking forward to Afghanistan Company Registration? Need help? Contact us to get a quote today to register a company in Afghanistan at the cheapest price.

Afghanistan Company Registration