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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Singapore Company Registration

Singapore Company RegistrationSingapore is located in Asia and tourists favourite vacation place. This country is full of life which is contributed by the talented Singaporeans. Singapore is a country which has plenty to offer to its entrepreneurs. Be it low tax rates or skilled workforce, Singapore has it all. Our experts have much experience with the startups and hence can help you duly with Singapore company registration services.


Top 5 Reasons to Start a Business in Singapore

The city of Singapore offers the best business environment to the companies by offering low tax rates, reliability, skilled labour, excellent infrastructure. Our Singapore company registration experts have drafted top five benefits of investing here:

  1. Excellent and strategic location along with connectivity: Singapore is a country which has a booming infrastructure. The position of Southeast Asia gives it access to the markets of India and China. The airport is well developed connecting more than 330 cities worldwide. The seaport of Singapore connects with 600 ports of 123 different countries.
  2. Most comfortable and most friendly registration system: The Singapore company registration process is quite simple and is completely hassle-free. It also offers the right to intellectual property, incentives to the start-ups.
  3. Low tax frames and attractive incentives: The government of Singapore has signed over 21 free trade agreements with different countries to reduce taxation and to facilitate trade. There is no tax on capital gains, dividends which attract investors.
  4. Strong judiciary system:    Investors are always insecure in a new country, but in a country like Singapore where the law is strong, then they needn’t worry about their security. The policies of Singapore are significant with a very stable political atmosphere.
  5. Talented Workforce: Singapore stands 1st for worker’s productivity. So, it is the best destination to invest. Singapore offers quality education which is responsible for the talented labour force. The workforce here is skilled, dedicated and have a positive attitude towards work.

Apart from the above benefits, Singapore also offers quality healthcare, world-class education and excellent entertainment options to its public. Hence, settling with your family is not going to be an issue in Singapore. Overall, you will have a good life both professionally and personally.


Get Your Consulting Partner with 3E Accounting

Make a business plan for investing in Singapore and connect with us. Our team will help you from scratch, i.e. registration of the company name to hiring the talented pool for your business. Further, we have experts who can handle the company formation process for you by preparing all the relevant documents, helping you to decide about the business entity, opening a local bank account, getting you the appropriate business license.

Just contact 3E Accounting Singapore and we will be glad to assist you. 

Singapore Company Registration