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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Montenegro Company Registration

Montenegro Company RegistrationMontenegro is an appealing destination for investors because it is not very complicated and it only takes about 10 working days if the documents are complete. It became a sovereign state in 2006, and it has become an emerging nation from Europe since then. They went through constant economic growth and their foreign direct investment flow is very steady. Since the government became independent and adopted an investment framework for growth, export jurisdiction, and employment. The experts of company formation in Montenegro are very helpful to businessmen who start Montenegro company registration.


Why Invest in Montenegro Company Registration

You will have complete foreign ownership, unlike some other countries that only allow you to own part of a business because you are a foreigner.

There are no taxes to pay from the income you make outside Montenegro. However, the taxpayers in Montenegro should show all of their income to the tax agency just like everyone else.

The liability of the shareholder limits to their share capital contribution. There is also no minimum requirement for an authorized share capital.

There should only be one shareholder who will be the sole director and the central European location should only use Euro as its currency.


Details Needed for Company Registration

There needs to be a registered office address in which Companies House is going to direct official mail that appears on a public company record.

The company plans to anticipate the business activities that should obtain and details of the share capital need to be created for a private company by shares.

Company director should have at least one initial shareholder who can also be a company director.

For every shareholder and the basic details, you are going to need a couple of pieces for identifying any information for security purposes. It could be the person’s eye colour, National Insurance number, mother’s maiden name, telephone number, passport number, and father’s first name.


Incorporation Documents

At the start of having a company formation procedure as a requirement in Montenegro, then the company foundation documents should have basic court participation.

After that, there is the desired company name that will check online and the applicant should deliver registration documents to the commercial court. These documents should be delivered:

  • foundation act
  • articles of incorporation
  • names of the company founders
  • managers and board members
  • executive director’s names
  • company name
  • headquarter address and correspondence address
  • authorized people to represent the company
  • consent is written as the board of directors’ members
  • a document that confirms registration fee payment

Montenegro Registry is going to notify the Official Gazette who is going to publish a notice about the new company.

In case the company has employees, the registration must be under the Health and Pension Tax Administration counter. Then, the founders are ordering a seal or stamp because it is important for the transactions of future companies. Then there is a bank account that will open after the company registration, tax office, and statistical office.


Montenegro Company Registration

We can help you with the company formation and registration in Montenegro. 3E Accounting will always be there for you.